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5 years on, no report on medical schemes’ racial bias inquiry

Five years after the start of an inquiry into alleged racial bias by medical schemes, there is still no final report.

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) appointed an investigation panel in July 2019 to investigate allegations that medical schemes are targeting black service providers when invoking section 59 of the Medical Schemes Act. This section allows funds to claw back payments due to bona fide errors, theft, fraud, or misconduct uncovered after payment.

Die Burger reports that after the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) complained to the Minister of Health about the delays in the inquiry, the CMS and investigation panel issued a joint statement asking for patience, saying the inquiry is “close to finalisation”.

The CMS said it had received extensive submissions from Discovery Health in February and March that were still being processed.

The BHF also complained about how the investigation was conducted, citing poorly informed requests for further information as indication that the panel was attempting to “victimise” medical schemes and alluding to “ulterior motives”.


Die Burger article – Geduld gevra oor ondersoek na rassisme deur mediese fondse (Restricted access)


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