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October 10th, 2018 The ruling by the Supreme Court of Appeal ordering a Durban gynaecologist Dr and Life Healthcare Group to pay R20m for medical negligence, contains a number of 'salutary lessons' for covering doctors. The crux issue is at what moment the 'duty of...


Solidarity submits comments on NHI Bill

Trade union Solidarity has submitted thousands of comments on the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI) on behalf of everyone who expressed their... October 10th, 2018


One-off DNA test could predict heart attack risk in childhood

People at high risk of a heart attack in adulthood could be spotted much earlier in life with a reasonably inexpensive,  one-off DNA test, according to research funded, among others, by the British and Australian heart foundations. research... October 10th, 2018


Efavirenz could increase neurological risk for unborn child

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is a vital treatment that helps prevent a pregnant woman from passing HIV to her baby, but one type of ART medication may increase the risk that the child will develop a neurological condition, according to new research... October 10th, 2018



Vitamin D supplements 'do nothing' to improve bone health

Vitamin D supplements do nothing for bone health and the UK government should ditch its advice that everyone should take them throughout the winter months, according to the authors of the biggest ever review of the evidence. The findings... October 10th, 2018

Mediterranean diet reduces stroke risk by 20% in women

Eating a Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of stroke by more than 20% in women aged 40 or older, but it appears to have no significant impact on men’s risk, found a large UK analysis. Ancel and Margaret Keys, an American husband-and-wife... October 10th, 2018


Mediterranean diet linked to 41% reduced risk of late-stage AMD

Data from two large studies shows that higher adherence to the Mediterranean diet was associated with a 41% reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Evidence is mounting that a poor diet plays an important role in the development... October 10th, 2018



Limiting children's screen time linked to better cognition

Children aged eight to 11 who used screens for fun for less than two hours a day performed better in tests of mental ability, a study found. Combining this with nine to 11 hours of sleep a night was found to be best for performance. Researchers... October 10th, 2018


Daily drinking associated with increased mortality risk

The minimum risk of low-level drinking frequency for all-cause mortality appears to be approximately three occasions weekly, according to a US analysis of two large data sets. The a study. Dr Sarah M. Hartz, from Washington University in St... October 10th, 2018


Higher levels of stress in women lowers conception odds

A large North American analysis finds that higher levels of stress are associated with lower odds of conception for women, but not for men. In North America, 20% to 25% of women and 18% to 21% of men of reproductive age report daily... October 10th, 2018

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