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Weekly Roundup


Large data-set studies on CVD and multi-morbidity

PLOS Medicine has published a special issue on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and multi-morbidity, with three studies using data drawn respectively from the  UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink, the Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project... March 14th, 2018


Anti-depressant use lowers heart attack 1-year survival rates

Heart attack patients prescribed antidepressants have lower one-year survival rates, according to research presented at Acute Cardiovascular Care 2018, a European Society of Cardiology congress. The observational study of nearly 9,000 patients found... March 14th, 2018

Weekend heart attacks twice as likely to kill young patients

Young heart attack patients are twice as likely to die if they are admitted to hospital during the weekend compared to a weekday, according to an Italian study in more than 80,000 patients presented today at Acute Cardiovascular Care 2018. "Excess... March 14th, 2018


Endocrine Society: Both low-carb and low-fat diets work

Whether you pick low-carb, low fat or another diet plan, scientific research indicates each can help some people achieve modest long-term weight loss with potential improvement in health risks, according to the Scientific Statement the Endocrine... March 14th, 2018


No link between hormonal birth control and depression

A US meta-analysis found no evidence to support a link between hormonal birth control and depression. Women face several options when it comes to birth control, so potential side effects often factor into their decision. Depression is a common... March 14th, 2018

Menopausal HRT linked to healthier heart

Women who use menopausal hormone therapy (HRT) appear to have a heart structure and function that is linked to a lower risk of heart failure, according to a study led by Queen Mary University of London. The effect of menopausal hormone therapy... March 14th, 2018




Healthy diet not offsetting negative effects of high salt intake

A healthy diet may not offset the effects of a high salt intake on blood pressure, suggests a study. The research, from scientists at a number of institutions, including Imperial College London and Northwestern University, analysed the diets of over... March 14th, 2018


High vitamin D levels may link to lower liver cancer risk

High levels of vitamin D may be linked to a lower risk of developing cancer, including liver cancer, concludes a large study of Japanese adults. The researchers say their findings support the theory that vitamin D might help protect against some... March 14th, 2018


Holding a loved one's hand helps to diminish pain

Simply holding hands with a comforting partner will synchronise not only breathing and heart rate, but also brain wave patterns, accompanied with a decrease in pain, found a small US-Israeli study. The study, by researchers with the University of... March 14th, 2018



Temporary increase in inhaled steroids benefits severe asthma

Serious asthma attacks in adults can be reduced by a temporary but significant increase in the dose of inhaled steroids during severe episodes of asthma, according to a UK-wide study led by asthma experts at the University of Nottingham. Previous... March 14th, 2018

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