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MedicalBrief is distributed weekly to over 50 000 medical practitioners, health workers, academics and government officials.

We offer opportunities for display advertising on the MedicalBrief website and e-newsletter, as well as sponsored editorials, news releases, job vacancies and classified adverts.

Display Advertisements

MedicalBrief display adverts are distributed weekly in the MedicalBrief e-newsletter and remain on the MedicalBrief website for 7 days.

For our readership demographics, advertising rates and size guidelines, please download our rate card, or email the Advertising Department at

Job Vacancies

Job vacancy adverts are featured on the front page of MedicalBrief and are distributed in the weekly MedicalBrief e-newsletter for 4 weeks. For rates and further information please refer to our rate card, or contact the Advertising Department at

Classified Advertisements

Classified advertisements appear in both the MedicalBrief e-newsletter and on the MedicalBrief website. Refer to our rate card for the current advertising rates. To place a classified advertisement, return your completed booking form along with your advert to