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Active youngsters have stronger bones

Young people who are more active growing up tend to end up with stronger bones, although many older teenagers don’t get enough exercise to see those benefits. But [s]Reuters Health[/s] reports that the good news, according to researchers, is that lots of physical activity during childhood seems to set up young adults for years of strong bones, even if they don’t exercise much during their teen years. ‘What parents do to make sure kids are active today matters down the road,’ said Kathleen Janz, the study’s lead author from the [b]University of Iowa[/b]. Because it may be tough to cajole adolescents into being active, parents should maximise kids’ chances of having strong bones later on by encouraging lots of activity during childhood.

[link url=]Full Reuters Health report[/link]
[link url=]British Journal of Sports Medicine abstract[/link]

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