Western Cape Premier: HIV a major COVID-19 co-morbidity for under-60s

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In an update on the coronavirus, Western Cape Premier Alan Winde writes on the Politicsweb site:

The Western Cape government has conducted another review of all of the comorbidities associated with COVID-19 deaths in the province. When the data review was done on 26 May, the province had recorded 403 deaths – with the majority of these having one or more co-morbidities.

The data has revealed that the top three co-morbidities per age group were:
Top three comorbidities per age group:
20 – 39 years (30% diabetes, 25% HIV, 20% hypertension)
40 – 49 years (51% diabetes, 33% HIV, 28% hypertension)
50 – 59 years (70% diabetes, 63% hypertension, 27% HIV)

The most prevalent co-morbidities in deaths due to COVID-19 across all age groups were diabetes and hypertension.

The majority of people who contract COVID-19 will experience mild symptoms and will be able to isolate and recover at home. However, those who are over the age of 55 or with underlying health conditions are most at risk of becoming seriously ill. This is why our health response must place a special focus on these groups, and why our testing strategy must align with this risk.

The country has now moved to alert level 3, which poses increased risk of infection as there will be more people moving around. That is why it is very important that those who falls into one of the vulnerable groupings, continue to take extra care in order to protect themselves. Staying at home will always be the single most important step you can take to protect yourself and we encourage all of those who do fall into these groups to remain at home as much as possible. The golden rules of hygiene, social distancing and wearing a mask are also important prevention steps.

For those who do not fall into these groups, you still have a responsibility to help protect both yourself and those around you who may fall into these groups. You can help by offering to help those in vulnerable groups- shopping for groceries, going to the pharmacy or running errands so that they do not go out into public. You can also help by ensuring that you are abiding by the golden rules at all times.


Full report on the Politicsweb site

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