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Breast cancer risk increased by some birth control pills

Some birth control pills may temporarily increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer, reports [s]The Independent[/s]. Researchers from the [b]Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre[/b] found that women who, in the past year, had taken contraceptive pills which had a high or moderate dose of oestrogen, as well as those containing certain other hormones, had a 50% increased risk of breast cancer. But pills with a low dose of oestrogen did not increase risk. Most commonly used contraceptive pills contain low to moderate doses of oestrogen. The findings, which reinforce previous studies into a complex area of medicine, have been welcomed by experts who said they provided insights into the impact of different formulations of birth control.

[link url=]Full report in The Independent[/link]
[link url=]Cancer Research abstract[/link]

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