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Call for calm after ‘cancer-causing chemicals’ alarm

A cancer researcher has called for calm after reports that a US study had identified ‘cancer-causing chemicals’ in everyday life, reports [s]The Times[/s]. A report by [b]Silent Spring Institute[/b] research director Ruthann Rudel, recently published in the journal [s]Environmental Health Perspectives[/s], listed 17 chemicals women should avoid to minimise their chances of developing cancer. The chemicals, which are said to have caused cancer in laboratory rats, include petrol, diesel, flame retardants, stain-resistant textiles, paint removers, and disinfection by-products in drinking water. Dr Carl Albrecht, the [b]Cancer Association of SA’s[/b] head researcher, said in the report that no ‘big breaks’ had been made into the exact causes of breast and prostate cancer. Instead of panicking about supposedly carcinogenic chemicals in everyday products, he said, ways should be found to remove them from commonly used products.

[link url=]Full report in The Times[/link]
[link url=]EHP abstract[/link]

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