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Chemo or radiation could see some cancer cells dodging death

Under stress from chemotherapy or radiation, some cancer cells dodge death by consuming a bit of themselves, allowing them to essentially sleep through treatment and later awaken as tougher, resistant disease. [s]Health Canal[/s] reports that researchers at the [b]University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre[/b], publishing in [s]Cell[/s], found that interfering with a single cancer-promoting protein and its receptor can turn this resistance mechanism into lethal, runaway self-cannibalisation. 'Prolactin is a potent growth factor for many types of cancers, including ovarian cancer,' said senior author prof Anil Sood. 'When we block prolactin signalling, it sets off a chain of downstream events that result in cell death by autophagy.' 'Our findings provide a clinical rationale for blocking prolactin and its receptor and for using prolong autophagy as an alternative strategy for treating cancers,' said Yunfei Wen, instructor of Gynaecologic Oncology.

[link url=]Full Health Canal report [/link]
[link url=]Cell full study[/link]

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