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Doctor accused of murdering twins denied single cell in Pollsmoor

A bid by a Spanish doctor‚ accused of murdering his twins‚ to be placed in a single cell at Pollsmoor prison has been refused. Mario-Ceasar Deus Yela is being held in Pollsmoor's hospital section.

The Times reports that his application was initially declined by Pollsmoor officials. According to state prosecutor Louise Freister-Sampson this was on the advice of a state psychiatrist.

In court Magistrate Goolam Bawa also refused to have Yela moved.

Addressing the court Freister-Sampson said Yela had written to prison authorities requesting to be moved. He complained that he could not sleep in the noisy environment where inmates smoked. His lawyer‚ William Booth‚ had claimed that the hospital section of the prison was overcrowded and that it housed around 25 inmates. Booth complained to the court that his client could not properly consult with his psychiatrist‚ Professor Tuviah Zabow. He said the consultation was constantly being interrupted by prison officials. He then requested time for a proper consultation.

Booth said the state was still denying Zabow access to the state’s case which had information that could be used to make an assessment.

The report says Yela is divorced but he was in the country to see his children. He was arrested on 7 April‚ the day he was reportedly due to return to Spain. According to the state he allegedly confessed to his ex-wife that he had killed their three-year-old twins.

The report says the case has been postponed to 10 May.

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