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DoH gives assurance that it will stop ‘acting as if NHI Bill is already law’

The Department of Health has said it will refrain from further statements in connection with National Health Insurance (NHI) until the Bill has been passed by Parliament, following Solidarity complaints that it was acting as if “the NHI were already law”.

Solidarity earlier wrote to deputy DG Dr Nicolas Crisp, noting that the NHI Bill is before Parliament and until the parliamentary processes have been exhausted and it is endorsed by the National Assembly, the department could not make announcements relating to its rollout or implementation.

Crisp’s reponse follows a letter received from Solidarity earlier this year about statements made while the Bill still has to be debated in Parliament and was still subject to public participation. Solidarity wrote to Crisp in September after he had stated at a conference held on 30 August that the NHI would come into effect by the end of the year. The Bill had yet to complete its public participatory process and be passed by Parliament.

Solidarity says this is a victory for its members in the health sector, as well as for its other members in general who have all been confronted by major uncertainty in the light of the implementation of the Act.

“We have numerous members in the health sector who are constantly grappling with statements made by the department creating the impression that the department is acting as if the NHI were already law,” said Anton van der Bijl, Solidarity’s head of legal matters. He added that “it is also a relief for our other members who pay taxes or belong to a medical fund as they do not have to worry about drastic changes that are imminent”.


PoliticsWeb article – No further talk of NHI until bill is passed – Solidarity (Open access)


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