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Findings a ‘giant step’ towards blocking metastasis

Managing to block metastasis, the strategy adopted by tumour cells to transform into an aggressive form of cancer, or even better, prevent their formation, would be a giant step towards the fight against cancer. And reports [s]Science Newsline[/s], researchers in [b]Belgium[/b] have successfully performed this world first on models of human tumours in mice. The work by Professor Pierre Sonveaux's team, at [b]Université catholique de Louvain's Institute of Experimental and Clinical Research (IREC)[/b], succeeded in pinpointing a family of pharmaceutical compounds whose action prevents the appearance of tumour metastasis.

A new [b]Cincinnati Cancer Centre (CCC)[/b] study, meanwhile, provides hope that previously studied protein SapC-DOPS could be used for the treatment of brain metastases. [s]HealthCanal[/s] reports that Xiaoyang Qi, associate professor in the division of haematology oncology at the [b]University of Cincinnati College of Medicine[/b], says this critical data shows promise for finding treatment for one of the deadliest of cancers. A lysosomal protein saposin C (SapC), and a phospholipid, known as dioleoylphosphatidylserine (DOPS), can be combined and assembled into tiny cavities, or nanovesicles, to target and kill many forms of cancer cells.’ These results support the potential for SapC-DOPS for the diagnosis and therapy of primary and metastatic brain tumours, which is critically needed to increase survival rates of patients with this illness,’ Qi said.

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