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Health Department calls for NHI IT tenders

The National Department of Health is forging ahead with its NHI plans, recently calling for tenders for the hosting, maintenance, support and enhancement of the existing District Health Management Information System (DHMIS) for a period of three years, as well as an updated system to support the community service programme.

The DHMIS is an integrated, aggregated service delivery information system used at facility, district, province and national level to monitor health sector performance and also meet regular statutory reporting requirements, the department says.

ITWeb reports that the tender calls for database development and configuration, software enhancements, policy guidelines and other health information system resources, data management, data quality improvement, data analytics, hosting, capacity building, management, monitoring, and evaluation and reporting.

In a second tender, the department is advertising for the management, maintenance, hosting, customisation, enhancements and updates, to support the Internship and Community Service Programme (ICSP) system.

This area has also received recent media attention, with medical interns and junior doctors receiving their placements just days before they were due to start work – and a number of them still without contracts.

The department said the first iteration of the electronic system was piloted in mid-2016 and since then has undergone significant improvements to enhance functionalities.

The scope of work for the three-year tender includes maintenance and hosting of the ICSP database, management of the ICSP phases, software enhancements, policy guidelines and resources, capacity building and reporting.


ITWeb article – Top ICT tenders: Health dept looks to essential systems (Open access)


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