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High BMI putting pregnant women at risk

The risks for women who have a high body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy or in the early stages of pregnancy are much higher than women with a normal one. [s]Medical News Today[/s] reports that research published in the journal JAMA found that even small increases in maternal BMI were linked to a higher risk of foetal death, stillbirth, neonatal death, perinatal deal and infant death. However, the report notes, the research team, led by Dr Dagfinn Aune of [b]Imperial College London[/b], said that there were some limitations to their analysis. The team notes that not all studies they reviewed accounted for factors that may have influenced a woman's risk of pregnancy complications. Furthermore, they note that the majority of studies involved in their analysis were from Europe and North America, where foetal and infant death rates are significantly lower than low- and medium-income countries.

[link url=]Full Medical News Today report[/link]
[link url=]JAMA abstract[/link]

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