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Homeoppathy slated

Homeopathy is no more effective than a placebo, according to an extensive study by a peak science body, reports [s]The Guardian[/s]. The draft paper by Australia’s [b]National Health and Medical Research Council[/b] (NHMRC) assessed research into the effectiveness of the alternative medicine on 68 health conditions and concluded ‘there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective’.

The NHMRC review, conducted by medical experts, said it had no impact on a range of conditions and illnesses including asthma, arthritis, sleep disturbances, cold and flu, chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema, cholera, burns, malaria and heroin addiction.

[link url=http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/08/homeopathy-is-bunk-study-says?CMP=twt_gu] The Guardian[/link]
[link url=http://consultations.nhmrc.gov.au/public_consultations/homeopathy_health] NHMRC draft paper[/link]

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