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Interpreting Medical Findings in Sexual Contact and Abuse



Interpreting Medical Findings in Sexual Contact and Abuse
A reference handbook for legal and health practitioners 

Authors: Steve R Naidoo, Sagie Naidoo Shikaar, R Bugwandeen and Neil H McKerrow | ISBN – Print: 978 1 9989 6238 9; WebPDF: 978 1 9989 6239 6 | Price – Print: R325; Web PDF: R293   

A benchmark in guidance to the analysis and deeper understanding of medical findings in sexual contact and abuse, this text is devoted fully to this central area of clinical forensic medicine.  Comprehensive, with illustrations, and replete with updated evidence-based research, and with a purely clinical approach, the book addresses, among other issues:  

  • the relevant aspects of South African law;
  • the way sexual abuse cases are managed in medical facilities;
  • the in-depth detail of sexual biology; and
  • the many clinical and ethical aspects involved when attending medically to survivors of sexual violence.  

It is intended for use as a reference handbook by the clinical examiner in medical consulting rooms, and by the legal practitioner in law offices, judicial chambers and the courtroom when dealing with sexual offences and J88 medical evidence.  It is suitable for both student and practitioner and provides deep foundational knowledge and grounding insight in the study of this subject.  

The biological nature of the greater content of this book is relevant for any region or jurisdiction; not being limited by any geographic boundaries.  

The editor and lead author, Dr Steve Naidoo, is an independent consultant forensic pathologist and clinical forensic practitioner in Durban, South Africa, and who, with his colleagues, hopes to promote improved and updated medical and legal practices in respect of the management of cases of sexual abuse and gender-based violence. 



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