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Less costly plan for treatment of bleeding ulcers

The current standard of care for managing patients who receive endoscopic treatment for bleeding ulcers should be replaced by an equally safe and less costly alternative that is more comfortable for patients. [s]Science Daily[/s] reports that this is according to researchers at the [b]Yale University School of Medicine[/b], who compared the current recommended care plan – delivering an initial dose of proton pump inhibitor (PPI) followed by continuous PPI infusion – to a regimen using only intermittent PPI therapy, which was found to be just as effective. ‘These findings are significant because intermittent PPI therapy requires fewer resources and costs less than the current standard practice,’ said Dr Hamita Sachar. ‘If intermittent therapy were to become the new standard, we could increase value by lowering costs while still delivering the same high-quality care to our patients.’

[link url=]Full Science Daily report[/link]
[link url=]DDW study abstract[/link]

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