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Listeriosis class action suit stalls

The class action litigation between Tiger Brands and affected South Africans has stalled, with both parties still in limbo as they await documents from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) before they can go to trial, according Richard Spoor Attorneys (RSI) and LHL Attorneys.

The 2018 listeriosis outbreak in 2018 was the largest ever reported worldwide at the time, said the WHO, with 61 of 134 traced patients dying.

The Cape Times reports that both sides had subpoenaed documents from the NICD to prepare their cases, but the information was yet to be received.

RSI said they were continuing to collect medical records and have received hundreds of these from hospitals around the country.

They have also received around 200 signed and commissioned affidavits from class members.


The Cape Times PressReader article – Listeria class action grinds to a slow halt (Open access)


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