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More oversight needed for medical apps – experts

While tremendous potential exists to broaden access to medical treatment and control costs, with smart phones and mobile devices, several health law experts say in a [s]New England Journal of Medicine[/s] report that more oversight is needed by the [b]US Food and Drug Administration[/b] to ensure consumer confidence and safety.

An under-regulated mobile health industry could create ‘a Wild West’ market, says Nathan Cortex, associate dean of research at the [b]SMU Dedman School of Law[/b] in a [s]Science Codex[/s] report. He says: ‘Although the vast majority of mHealth products are very low-risk, some apps make promises they can't fulfill, and others make errors that could harm patients.’ One of several examples cited in the study includes [b]Sanofi Aventis’[/b] 2012 recall of a diabetes app that miscalculated insulin dosages.

[link url=]Full Science Codex report[/link]
[link url=]NEJM article preview[/link]

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