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MSF takes SAHPRA to task for delay in meningitis drug approval

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has criticised the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) for delaying the registration of an anti-fungal medicine which could help cure meningitis in HIV patients.

A Cape Argus report says MSF and the Treatment Action Campaign have called for the registration of flucytosine, which is used to treat cryptococcal meningitis (CM). The application for the product’s registration has been with SAHPRA since December 2019. MSF said the medicine’s registration could help prevent thousands of deaths of HIV patients who are infected.

Dr Tom Ellman, MSF Southern Africa Medical Unit director, said: “Ensuring that flucytosine is available throughout sub-Saharan Africa is the low-hanging fruit when it comes to preventing deaths from CM, and SA has the opportunity to play a leadership role in the promotion of this life-saving medicine. But SAHPRA needs to approve its registration.”

According to the report, SAHPRA said the application for registration was still under review.


Cape Argus Pressreader article – Call for health body to speed up registration of anti-fungal medicine (Open access)


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