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New method will help pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer is often detected at a late stage, which results in poor prognosis and limited treatment options. But, says a [s]News-Medical[/s] report, researchers at the [b]University of Gothenburg[/b], Sweden, have developed a method which identifies the cancer’s visible precursors with 97% certainty, according to research published in the [b]Journal of the National Cancer Institute[/b]. The method, will aid in the early discovery of the cancer as well as minimise the risk of unnecessary surgery, and may be introduced in patient care within five years. The report says with this method, which detects the presence of mucus protein, mucins, in the cystic fluid, the researchers were able to reach the correct diagnosis in 77 of 79 cysts that were examined. ‘This is an exceptionally good result for a diagnostic test, and we are very hopeful that the method will enable more instances of early discovery of pancreatic cancer, at a stage when the cancer can be treated or prevented. This approach may also minimise the risk of unnecessary operations on non-malignant cysts,’ said [b]Dr Karolina Jabbar[/b] of the [b]Sahlgrenska University Hospital[/b].

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