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New research offers hope for motor neurone disease sufferers

The paralysed have been offered a ray of hope after scientists used light to move and control frozen muscles. The [s]Daily Mail[/s] reports that researchers from [b]University College London[/b] and [b]King's College London[/b], published in [s]Science[/s], made the breakthrough during stem cell research. The work is at an early stage but might one day be adapted to help the paralysed walk again. In the shorter term, it could help sufferers of motor neurone disease, which leads to the gradual paralysis of muscles, including those that control breathing and swallowing. Prof Linda Greensmith of UCL said: 'A lot of patients live in fear suffocating to death because they can't breathe or choking to death because they can't swallow.' She hopes the first test operations in motor neurone disease patients could start within five years.

[link url=]Full Daily Mail report[/link]
[link url=]Science abstract[/link]

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