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Nurse on misconduct charges for shaming patient who miscarried

An Eastern Cape nurse has been suspended and faces misconduct charges after allegations that she not only verbally abused a young patient (23) after her miscarriage but also forced someone to take photos of the foetus “to show her friends the results of abortion”.

The provincial Health Department has launched an investigation into the incident at Ntabankulu Community Health Centre, which has sparked outrage, reports News24.

Apparently, the nurse also accused the woman, who was accompanied by an NGO employee, of aborting her baby.

The names and a photo of the nurse have been circulated on a website petition in which the allegations have been repeated.

The Health Department issued a statement saying the patient had reportedly experienced “inappropriate treatment from the official while she was in labour”.

It said it has “moved swiftly to provide all the necessary support to the patient and those involved”, and that psychosocial support has been provided to both the patient and her friend.

The nurse has been removed from the maternity ward and the health centre unit until the investigation has been concluded.

Gender activists condemned the matter.

"The department must do a thorough investigation and deal with this case quickly to prevent a situation where young women and girls do not want to go to public healthcare facilities due to ignorant nurses," said Anelisa Jezile from Masimanyane Women’s Rights International.

Eastern Cape Health MEC Nomakhosazana Meth described the the incident as “unacceptable”.

“If the allegations are true, proper disciplinary action will be taken against the official. We cannot afford to have such allegations against the department. (It) will not be tolerated.”


News24 article – Nurse facing misconduct charges for allegedly shaming woman who suffered miscarriage (Open access)


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