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Opioid pain relievers affecting spine surgery recovery

A new study links the use of opioid pain relievers (prescription medications, such as Percocet) to less improvement and higher levels of dissatisfaction following spine surgery, reports [s]Science Daily[/s]. Previous studies have found a link between opioid use and diminished spine surgery outcomes; however, the studies did not account for differences in opioid consumption among patients. ‘We have demonstrated that increasing amounts of pre-operative opioid consumption may have a harmful effect on patient reported outcomes in those undergoing spinal surgery,’ said lead study author Dr Clinton Devin of the [b]Vanderbilt Spine Centre[/b]. ‘Our work highlights the importance of careful pre-operative counselling with patients on high doses of pre-operative opioids.

[link url=]Full Science Daily report[/link]
[link url=]Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery abstract[/link]

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