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Over 50s to get second booster shot

ve The Health Department said the only stipulation is there must be at least 120 days or four months since the person received their last Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine, reports News24.

"This is part of the government’s efforts to increase vaccine uptake to achieve population immunity while protecting the most vulnerable groups, especially those living with co-morbidities like diabetes and hypertension," said health department spokesperson Foster Mohale.

Out of a total adult population of almost 20m who have been vaccinated so far, more than 7m of them are aged 50 and older. The department has collaborated with health organisations, such as Right to Care, to launch the app, to make it easier for people to find the closest vaccination site online.


News24 article – Health department to administer second Covid-19 vaccine booster shot for those 50 and older (Open access)


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