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Potential for herbal medications to damage the liver

Many patients try herbal and non-prescription medications when they have an ailment and do not want to pay their doctor a visit. But says a [s]Daily Rx[/s] report, researchers, led by Dr Naga Chalasani of the [b]Indiana University School of Medicine[/b] in Indianapolis, warn in guidelines released by the [b]American College of Gastroenterology[/b] that many non-prescription and herbal medications can damage the liver. Researchers note that more than 60% of cases of drug-induced liver injuries are caused by antibiotics or antihypertensive medications but add that herbal and dietary supplements are a growing area of concern. In general, once the medication causing liver issues is identified, the outcomes are good, the authors wrote. Only about 10% of those who suffer liver damage from medication develop acute liver failure.

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[link url=]ACG Guidelines[/link]

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