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Research project tackling respiratory antibiotic resistance

A new research project ([b]PneumoNP[/b]) is aimed at tackling antibiotic resistance in respiratory tract infections via the use of inhalable nanother apeutic compounds, reports [s]News-Medical[/s]. Funded by the [b]European Commission[/b], the four-year long project brings together top research institutes, universities, clinicians and enterprises from six [b]EU[/b] member states. The project will work to develop an innovative solution to antibiotic resistance by coupling new antibiotics to inhalable carrier molecules, resulting in more efficient targeting of antibiotics to infection-causing bacteria present in the respiratory tract.

[link url=http://www.news-medical.net/news/20140628/New-research-project-aims-to-tackle-antibiotic-resistance-with-inhalable-nanother apeutics.aspx]Full News-Medical report [/link]

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