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Right-to-die ban rulings

The [b]UK Supreme Court[/b] has upheld the ban on doctors helping patients to end their lives, but ruled that judges do have the ‘constitutional authority’ to intervene in the debate. [s]The Guardian[/s] reports that the ruling challenges parliament to re-examine the predicament of those who are severely ill and wish to die but cannot do so without medical assistance.

The cases were brought by Paul Lamb, who suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident and now requires 24-hour care, Jane Nicklinson, widow of the right-to-die campaigner Tony Nicklinson, and a claimant known only as AM or Martin.Meanwhile, the [b]European Court of Human Rights[/b] says French doctors must keep treating a man who has been in a coma for six years, reports [s]BBC News[/s]. Vincent Lambert was left a tetraplegic after a motorcycle accident and his family is split over whether he should be kept alive.

France’s[/b] highest court, the [b]Council of State[/b], ruled in favour of ending Lambert’s life support. But, the report says, the by the European Court of Human Rights suspends the French court's decision. The case is seen as unprecedented in France, where euthanasia is illegal though doctors can withdraw care. Lambert will be kept alive while the European court considers a full review of the case.

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