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SA women line up for new contraceptive

Such was the demand in SA for a newly introduced female contraceptive implant that stocks have run dry at some clinics, reports [s]Daily Maverick[/s]. By releasing the hormone etonogestrel, the implant prevents pregnancy for up to three years and is the most effective contraceptive available, says the report. Its effectiveness is largely due to the fact that between insertion and removal, no action is required of the patient, meaning fewer problems with adherence. A nurse at [b]Stanger Hospital[/b] in [b]KwaZulu-Natal[/b] is quoted as saying that 100 devices are allocated per month but these don’t last long as she does 10 implants a day. Dr Herbert Ringanayi, at the hospital, said that a reason for the ‘exponential take-up’ of the new contraceptive was its empowerment of women. He said that often men are expected to be responsible for c ondoms and women ‘can't negotiate for safer sex’. Under the state-run programme, women receive the contraceptive for free. And they do not have to return to the clinic until it is removed, reducing travel costs.

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