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UK pharmacists and therapists now also allowed to issue sick notes

Under new legislation in Britain, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists will be able to issue fit notes, giving workers more flexibility when seeking necessary time off work.

The new guidelines will allow medical professionals other than GPs to provide notes for sick workers if they are unable to work.

Previously, only doctors were able to issue fit notes for patients – required when an absence from work lasts for longer than seven days.

The government also released additional guidance to healthcare professionals for issuing fit notes, explaining that they can be given either way to say that someone is or isn't fit to work.

Matt Jenkin, employment specialist at law firm Moorcrofts, said the new legislation would provide greater support for employees.

Speaking to HR magazine, he said: “The extension of who can sign fit notes along with the government’s guidance to healthcare professionals on the completion of fit notes should be welcomed.

"By allowing other healthcare professionals to sign, it recognises that modern healthcare is not solely focused around doctors but that others play a valuable part and may be in a better position to make an assessment as to an employee’s fitness to work.”


HR magazine – Fit note update modernises sick leave (Open access)


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