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US hospital fires nurses involved in viral TikTok video

A group of labour ward nurses in the US who took part in a TikTok “ick’ challenge, have been fired.

IOL reports that a video by the labour ward nurses from Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, US, sparked off a wave of reaction from users, asking why the healthcare professionals were so disparaging about their patients.

The video was quickly deleted but had already been saved by numerous TikTok users who kept re-uploading it.

The hospital promptly fired the nurses, and issued a statement that distanced itself from them.

It said the video “does not represent … commitment to patient and family-centred care and falls far short of the values and standards” it expected …its team to demonstrate.

“At no time should our patients ever feel they are not being treated with care and respect. Every patient deserves to be cared for by a compassionate, experienced team in a comfortable and safe environment.”


IOL article – Nurses who took part in viral TikTok trend fired (Open access)


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