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US releases guidelines on [i]C.difficile[/i] prevention

With rates of [i]Clostridium difficile (C. difficile)[/i] now rivalling drug-resistant Methicillin-resistant [i]Staphylococcus aureus[/i] (MRSA) as the most common bacteria to cause healthcare-associated infections, new US guidelines encourage healthcare institutions to prioritise prevention efforts for this infectious diarrhoea. [s]Science Daily[/s] reports that the new practice recommendations are a part of [b]Compendium of Strategies to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections in Acute Care Hospitals: 2014 Updates[/b]. ‘The Compendium uses a data-driven approach to focus efforts on strategies most likely to be effective,’ said Dr Erik Dubberke, co-lead author. ‘

[link url=]Full Science Daily report[/link]
[link url=]Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology guidelines[/link]

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