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Vaping giant Juul coughs up millions to nearly 10 000 plaintiffs

Giant e-cigarette manufacturer Juul, which was accused of marketing its products to teenagers, has reached a settlement with about 10 000 plaintiffs and is now battling financially, after the US Food and Drug Administration found it had failed to address safety concerns and ordered all of its products off the market.

Juul did not disclose the amount of the settlements, but said the agreements “represent a major step toward strengthening Juul Labs’ operations and securing the company’s path forward”, reports News24.

The complaints had been filed for personal injury, with some in consumer class action lawsuits, and others filed by government entities or Native American tribes.

Last month the company said it had to lay off around 400 employees and cut its operating budget by up to 40%. It was also forced to secured financing from early investors to maintain its operations.


News24 article – E-cigarette maker Juul reaches settlement with 10 000 plaintiffs (Open access)


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