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Add happiness for healthier bones

Older women who are satisfied with their lives may have better bone health. Major risk factors for osteoporosis include menopause, slight frame, smoking, low calcium intake and certain medications and medical conditions, the study authors of a new Finnish study explained in a Medicinenet report.

In addition, long-term stress can affect metabolism and, ultimately, osteoporosis risk, according to researcher Päivi Rauma, of the University of Eastern Finland, and colleagues. The health behaviours of a person with depression might also raise the risk for poor bone health, perhaps leading them to smoke or refrain exercise, the researchers suggested.

The study included more than 1,100 Finnish women aged 60 to 70. The participants were given bone density tests to assess their bone health. The bone density of the women fell by an average of 4% over a period of 10 years, the investigators found. However, bone density among those who said they were satisfied with their lives was as much as 52% higher than it was among those who said they were dissatisfied, the study authors noted.

Changes in life satisfaction during the 10 years of follow-up also appeared to be linked to bone density. Bone density weakened by 85% among those who said their life satisfaction deteriorated during that time, compared with women who said their life satisfaction improved, according to the report. This suggests that high levels of life satisfaction can help protect against osteoporosis, the researchers said.

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