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Another step identified in the search for an HIV cure

A team of scientists at the [b]Gladstone Institutes[/b] has identified a new way to make latent HIV reveal itself, which could help overcome one of the biggest obstacles to finding a cure for HIV infection, says a [s]News-Medical[/s] report. They discovered that increasing the random activity, or noise, associated with HIV gene expression – without increasing the average level of gene expression – can reactivate latent HIV. ‘Understanding how to reactivate latent HIV is one of the major challenges we must overcome in order to find a cure for HIV,’ said Leor Weinberger, associate investigator in the [b]Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology[/b] and senior author of the study. Roy Dar, the lead author, added, ‘if we can make the virus show itself, we can then use ARVs to eliminate it.’

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