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‘But your baby isn’t…'

Women who smoke during pregnancy may be putting their newborns at risk for cong enital heart defects, and the more they smoke, the higher the risk, according to a study presented this past weekend at the [b]Paediatric Academic Societies[/b] annual meeting in Canada, reports the [s]American Academy of Pediatrics[/s].

In addition, although women aged 35 and older were less likely to smoke during pregnancy than younger women, older women had a higher risk of having a child with a heart defect if they smoked. Newborns with smoking mothers were at about 50-70% greater risk for anomalies of the pulmonary valve and arteries, and about a 20% greater risk for atrial septal defects.

[link url=]American Academy of Pediatrics report[/link]
[link url=]American Academy of Pediatrics abstract[/link]

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