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Clot busting medications reduce pulmonary embolism deaths

Bringing clarity to a decades-long debate, researchers led from the [b]Perelman School of Medicine[/b] at the [b]University of Pennsylvania[/b] found that adding clot-busting medications known as thrombolytics to conventional approaches when treating sudden-onset pulmonary embolism patients, is associated with 47% fewer deaths than using standard intravenous or under-the-skin anticoagulant medications alone. [s]Health Canal[/s] reports that the meta-analysis of 16 published, randomised, controlled trials over the past 40 years assessed 2,115 pulmonary embolism patients, approximately half of whom received both thrombolysis and conventional anticoagulation treatment, namely IV-administered and injectable blood-thinners such as heparin; and half of whom only received the conventional treatment.

[link url=]Full Health Canal report[/link]
[link url=]Journal of the American Medical Association abstract[/link]

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