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Handshake could predict ageing process

A strong handshake can say a lot about a person. But says, a [s]Science Daily[/s] report, Warren Sanderson, Professor of Economics with joint appointment in History at [b]Stony Brook[/b] and Serguei Scherbov deputy programme director of the [b]Institute for Applied Systems Analysis’ World Population Programme[/b] now say that the strength of a person’s grasp may also be one of the most useful ways to measure people’s true age. They show that hand grip corresponds to other markers of aging such as people’s future mortality, disability, cognitive decline and ability to recover from hospital stays. The study demonstrates how such a test could be used as a measure for ageing to compare different population groups.

[link url=]Full Science Daily report [/link]
[link url=]PLOS ONE abstract[/link]

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