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HPCSA gazettes its new adjusted fee structure

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has, by notice in the Government Gazette, published new rules for the payment of fees to it by registered health professionals.

MedicalBrief reported on 23 February 2022 that according to Government Gazette notice 198 published on 4 February (No 45859), fees for the coming year had been hiked by an average of 13%, although increases for allied professionals appeared to have been kept below inflation, running at 5.7%. For example, dental therapists and oral hygienists fees were increased by 5.6%, dieticians by 4% and paramedics by 4.5%.

But some of those increases have since been adjusted: whereas the February Gazette had R2,300 as the new fee for dental therapists, for example, this has now been marginally reduced to R2,294, with dental assistants’ fees also dropping slightly, from R965 to R962. Medical practitioners will now pay R3,055 as opposed to February’s R3,266, while optometrists’ registration fees have been reduced to R2,611 from the previous R2,619.

This latest (Board notice 234 of 2022) Gazette number 46236 repeals and replaces the previous notice 198 of 4 February.

HPC gg fees upgrade

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