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Patients more satisfied with involvement in care decisions

Regardless of whether cancer patients sought to be involved in decisions about their treatment, a recent study at the [b]University of Pennsylvania[/b], published in the journal [s]Cancer[/s], found those who were, ended up more satisfied with their care. [s]Reuters Health[/s] reports that on the other hand, patients who didn't get to share in the decision process were twice as likely to report feeling anxious, depressed and fatigued. Patients also can play an important role in deciding how to treat the side effects that tend to accompany cancer treatment, the report said.

Meanwhile Swedish novelist Henning Mankell writes in [s]The Guardian[/s] that although cancer treatment is a team effort, patients crave having ‘their’ doctor to ensure continuity. Of his own experience of doctors around the world, he says: 'Alleviation, consolation, perhaps even cure, always involves a dialogue in which the patient and doctor learn how to talk to one another, and if possible create a continuity. Medication and other treatments are never enough in themselves.'

[link url=]Full Reuters Health report[/link]
[link url=]Cancer abstract[/link]
[link url=]Full The Guardian report[/link]

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