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Predictive tool to help breast and some lung cancer patients

Researchers are developing a new predictive tool that could help patients with breast cancer and certain lung cancers decide whether follow-up treatments are likely to help, reports [s]Medical Xpress[/s]. [b]Dr Jerry Shay[/b] of [b]University of Texas Southwestern[/b] led a three-year study on the effects of irradiation in a lung cancer-susceptible mouse model. When his team looked at gene expression changes in the mice, then applied them to humans with early stage cancer, the results revealed a breakdown of which patients have a high or low chance of survival. The findings, published online in [s]Clinical Cancer Research[/s], offer insight into helping patients assess treatment risk.

[link url=]Full Medical Xpress report[/link]
[link url=]Clinical Cancer Research full report[/link]

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