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Preschoolers benefit from participating in family routines

Preschoolers who sing, tell stories and eat dinner with their families tend to be emotionally healthier and better adjusted socially than kids who don't have such routines, a study in the [b]Journal of Develomental Behavioral Pediatrics[/b] has found. A [s]Health24[/s] report says that researchers used data from a long-term study conducted by the [b]US National Centre for Education Statistics[/b] to gather information about kids and their families as it relates to childhood development and readiness for school. And they found that daily routines were linked to a 47% increase in the odds that children would have high so-called social-emotional health, which indicates good emotional and social skills. Social-emotional health ‘allows children to express their feelings, understand others’ emotions and develop and sustain healthy relationships with peers and adults,’ said [b]Dr Elisa Muniz[/b], the study’s lead author and a paediatrician at [b]Bronx Lebanon Hospital[/b] in New York.

[link url=]Full Health24 report[/link]
[link url=]JDBP abstract[/link]

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