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Prevention of early onset insulin resistance key to treating diabetes

One way of reducing the alarming levels of diabetes, especially in developing countries like SA, is to prevent the early onset of insulin resistance and to gain new information about its underlying cause. [s]IoL[/s] reports that this is according to Dr Danzil Joseph of the Department of Physiological Sciences at [b]Stellenbosch University[/b], who has produced new data on the molecular events behind insulin resistance that may open alternative possibilities for treating it before diabetes develops. Joseph says the findings could help with the development of effective medicine, especially since current treatment and management of diabetes are difficult and expensive, resulting in a significant economic and social burden on health-care systems. Since it remains difficult to manage full-blown diabetes, effective treatment could be achieved by targeting the pre-diabetic phase when insulin resistance is already developing gradually.

[link url=]Full IoL report[/link]
[link url=]Study abstract[/link]

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