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SA firm to produce contraceptive anti-HIV vaginal rings

Within the next few years, South African company Kiara Health of Johannesburg is to start manufacturing the vaginal ring contraceptive for women, which protects against HIV and which Aids experts say should eventually make them cheaper and more readily available.

The non-profit US-headquartered Population Council said last week that 1m of the dapivirine vaginal rings (DPV-VR) could be produced annually. The device releases a drug that helps prevent HIV infections and is authorised by nearly a dozen countries as well as the World Health Organisation, reports VOA News.

The council owns the rights to the rings – currently made by a Swedish company – thousands of which are available to women in Africa at no cost, purchased by donors.

The ring releases the antiretroviral drug dapivirine in slow doses over a month, and currently costs $12 to $16, but experts expect the price to drop once it is widely produced in Africa.

Developers are also working on a version that will last up to three months, which should also lower the yearly cost.

WHO has recommended the ring be used as an additional tool for women at “substantial risk of HIV”, and regulators in more than a dozen African countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe, have also given it the green light.

The device slashes women’s chances of getting HIV by about at least a third, some research suggesting the risk could be dropped by more than 50%.


VOA News article – South African Company to Start Making Vaginal Rings That Protect Against HIV (Open access)


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