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Sleep deprivation linked to premature ageing of the brain

Researchers at [b]Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore[/b] have found that less sleep in older adults is linked to premature ageing of the brain. [s]Science World[/s] reports that the impact of duration of sleep on cognitive function among the aging population has already been evaluated ‘Work done elsewhere suggests that seven hours a day for adults seems to be the sweet spot for optimal performance on computer based cognitive tests. In coming years we hope to determine what's good for cardio-metabolic and long term brain health too,’ said Professor Michael Chee, senior author and director of the [b]Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience[/b] at Duke-NUS. The researchers evaluated data of 66 Chinese adults aged 55 and above who were a part of the Singapore Longitudinal Aging Brain Study.

[link url=]Full Science World report[/link]
[link url=]Sleep abstract[/link]

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