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Statins could be used to treat MS

Statins may be useful in treating advanced multiple sclerosis (MS), say UK researchers. [s]BBC News[/s] reports that early trial results in [s]The Lancet[/s] show the cholesterol-lowering pills slow brain shrinkage in people with MS. The [b]University College London[/b] scientists say large trials can now begin, which will check whether statins benefit MS patients by slowing progression of the disease and easing their symptoms. The report says MS is a major cause of disability, affecting nerves in the brain and spinal cord, which causes problems with muscle movement, balance and vision.Usually, after around 10 years, around half of people with MS will go on to develop more advanced disease – known as secondary progressive MS. It is this later stage disease that [b]Dr Jeremy Chataway[/b] and colleagues at UCL hope to treat with low cost statins.

[link url=]Full BBC News report[/link]
[link url=]The Lancet abstract[/link]

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