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Summit discussing efforts to reduce salt intake in SA

Stokes, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases are under discussion at a summit, attended by food industry leaders and health authorities, to discuss efforts to reduce the salt intake in SA, reports [s]Bernama[/s]. It is estimated that more than 6,000 lives can be saved and 4,000 cases of stroke avoided in SA every year simply by lowering the salt content of bread alone. [b]Deputy Health Minister Gwen Ramokgopa[/b] said is quoted as saying: ‘The [b]Department of Health[/b] is partnering with the [b]Heart and Stroke Foundation[/b] around a joint campaign to educate and inform the public about health consequences; about salt intake. This project will target Living Standard Measures 3 to 7, which constitutes around 70% to 80% of the public and the Department of Health has contributed R5m to this.’

[link url=]Full Bernama report[/link]

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