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Team finds more reliable algorithm for diagnosing Alzheimer's

An international team of researchers has spent 10 years working towards a simpler, more reliable approach to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. [s]Medical News Today[/s] reports that in 2007 the team transformed the diagnostic criteria by introducing the idea of biomarkers, biological disease signatures that are present in the early stages. The group has now revisited the diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer's in the light of new studies. Professor Bruno Dubois, a professor of neurology at the [b]French[/b] biomedical and public health research institution [b]Inserm[/b], says a new position paper marks the ‘end of the road.’ The group has not only arrived at what it believes is a more reliable algorithm for diagnosing Alzheimer's, but a much simplified one too, that relies on ‘just a couple of clinical-biological criteria for all stages of the disease’.

[link url=]Full Medical News Today report[/link]
[link url=]The Lancet article summary[/link]

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