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UK study: HIV increases risk of multiple comorbidities

People living with HIV in the UK had an increased risk of developing multiple comorbid conditions, according to a study in Medscape.

The findings emphasise the importance of regular reviews for PLHIV to monitor the development of comorbidities in line with the British HIV Association quality guidelines.

Study details

Comorbid diseases and conditions in people with HIV in the UK.

B. Jones, A. Freedman, M. Thomas, C. Villalba-Mendez, L. Sathia, D. Flanagan, S. Francis, C. Currie.

Published in Medscape on 19 November 2021

The study included 2945 PLHIV and 5890 matched HIV-negative control participants, identified using data from the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink and linked Hospital Episode Statistics (1988-2017).

The risk of developing comorbidities, including central nervous system disorders, end-stage renal disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), cardiovascular disease (CVD), hypertension, stroke and cancer, was evaluated.

Key results
PLHIV vs control group had an increased risk of developing (adjusted HR [aHR]; 95% CI): incident sleep disorders (1.76; 1.42-2.20; P<0.0001); depression (1.66; 1.41-1.97; P<0.0001); osteoporosis (3.92; 2.38-6.44; P<0.0001);
stroke (2.14; 1.39-3.30; P=0.0006); cancer (1.94; 1.59-2.39; P<0.0001); and renal disease (1.25; 1.02-1.53; P=0.0340).

Risks of anxiety (1.21; 0.97-1.51; P=0.0826); hypertension (1.05; 0.87- 1.26; P=0.63), T2DM (1.09; 0.84-1.43; P=0.51), and CVD (1.13; 0.88- 1.45; P=0.34) were not significantly higher in the PLHIV vs control group.

Study did not account for HIV duration or antiretroviral therapy duration.


Medscape article – Comorbid diseases and conditions in people with HIV in the UK (Open access)


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