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Vigorous exercise before bed could lead to better sleep

Young adults who exercised vigorously before bed ended up getting better sleep than their peers who reported less strenuous evening activity, a new study found. [s]Reuters Health[/s] reports that the results, based on sleep patterns during a single night, go against the usual advice to avoid being too active before bed. ‘We believe that the present study has the potential to shed light on the issue of whether evening exercising should be discouraged,’ says Serge Brand of the [b]University of Basel[/b] in [b]Switzerland[/b]. ‘The findings may also have practical implications, since, for most employed adults and parents, evening hours often provide the only opportunity for exercise,’ the researchers add. The results jibe with another recent study that found people who exercised in the evening reported sleeping just as well as those who didn’t.

[link url=]Full Reuters Health report[/link]
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[link url=]Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics abstract[/link]

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