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WHO says Covid-19 deaths three times higher than reported

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has expressed concern about the handling of Covid-19 worldwide, saying not enough people are being vaccinated or taking adequate protective measures, and that testing has slowed down to just a trickle.

“Although we are not in a crisis, Covid-19 remains a threat to global health,” said WHO Covid expert Maria Van Kerkhove last week, criticising the fact that there is hardly any testing in many countries.

She said the actual number of cases was probably far higher than reported, reports SwissInfo.

“Wastewater investigations suggest that the virus is circulating two to 19 times more than the reported figures suggest. By the end of 2023, around 7m deaths from Covid-19 had been reported, but the true figure is likely to be at least three times higher,” she added.

She urged people to take protective measures like wearing masks where people gather in confined spaces, staying at home when displaying signs of illness, and keeping rooms well ventilated.

Should we be worried about a Covid-19 comeback?

According to Van Kerkhove, it is estimated that 6% of people with Covid infection – with symptoms – suffer long-term complications, which include severe fatigue, as well as neurological conditions and heart disease.

Long-term complications occur when symptoms persist for more than three months. The WHO is concerned about what consequences will still be visible in five or more years’ time, Van Kerkhove said.

“These are all good reasons to avoid infections as much as possible. Vaccines protect against severe cases, and people over 75 and younger people with other illnesses or weak immune systems, in particular, should receive a booster vaccination every six to 12 months.”


SwissInfo article – WHO estimates Covid-19 deaths three times higher than reported (Open access)


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